Order Timeline

Order Timeline


Please allow 3-4 weeks for the ordering process and delivery to take place on your initial order.


Based on the amount of medication that you ordered, your assigned EPS Representative will contact you via e-mail 6 weeks prior to notify you that your supply is running low.




Once all enrollment information and prescriptions are provided, the process timeline will be as follows:

1st business day
The assigned EPS Concierge will contact the member via e-mail to provide confirmation that the fulfillment process has started.


1st – 3rd business day
Order and necessary paperwork will be processed and the order will be submitted to the pharmacy.


4th – 6th business day
The order will be filled and shipped.  The assigned EPS Concierge will provide the tracking and shipping information so the member can track the progress of delivery along with the assigned EPS Concierge via the delivery courier’s website.


7th – 14th business day
The order will be in route to the member’s location.  Delivery time will vary based on location and customs requirements.  The assigned EPS Concierge will remain in contact with the member until confirmation that the package has been delivered.

This timeline is based on averages. Times may vary depending on specific circumstances affecting your order.


Regardless of the way you place your order, please remember that a copy of your physician’s original prescription must be provided to EPS to begin processing it. Prescription copies can be provided by mail, by fax, or by emailing a scanned copy.

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