EPS Testimonials

EPS Member Comments:

“We received our order, and were so pleased with your service. There were no fees incurred at this end. This is by far the easiest we’ve ever gotten prescriptions filled. We’re glad we found you!”

“I received the prescriptions about 2 weeks ago with no problems at all. There were no customs or delivery fees. All I had to do was sign! It was wonderful! Thank you so much for getting it to me so quickly. I appreciate all your hard work.”

“We received the package with the prescriptions in today’s mail. EFFICIENT! That’s one word to describe you all. YES, we received the medicines just fine on Sunday, March 4. We did not have to pay customs. We just signed that we had received the package. Thank you for checking…and thank you for processing my request so promptly and efficiently! I appreciate the personal attention you gave us and for speaking with our doctor about the scripts. Makes us feel good to be in good hands. Have a wonderful day!”

“Just wanted you to know that the order was delivered to our door this evening, (Sat., Feb. 24). Unbelievably fast! So impressed that you guys were able to process the order so quickly. Thank you so much.”

“After 12 years of frustrations with getting medications overseas, we finally are blessed with a good Rx supplier. Thank you so very much! I feel like it is Christmas all over again! Thank you!”

“I have been so pleased. Your company has been great, so efficient in all manners. Plus, everyone is so helpful…You don’t see that very much in companies anymore. Thanks again for your quick response.”

“Very quick, very helpful, very good experience. I was impressed by the speed with which my package got here. If it had not been delayed in customs for a couple days, we would have had it within about 48 hours after it was sent. Thank you for your excellent service. We’ll definitely use EPS again in the future.”

“Thank you very much for your kind, conscientious, and timely follow-through on this order! I’ve never seen EPS marketing materials, but if they include promises of prompt, personal attention to customers, you need not fear accusations of misleading advertising…”

“Unbelievably fast! So impressed that you guys were able to process the order so quickly. Thank you so much.”

“My husband and I received our prescription refills on Friday, November 6th and there were no problems, no additional costs and the order was correctly filled. As always, I want to thank you so very much for giving your attention to getting them here in time and with no problems. You are the tops!!!”

“This is a great big thank you for being in my corner! All the meds are here in our little concrete apartment deep in the heart of China! Amazing! When I got down to the last 3 weeks of the med supply I brought with me, I have to admit I was worried. The process with EPS had started smoothly but somewhere along the way it jammed. I listened to [my husband] as he Skyped and you answered. I could tell by that first phone call you were all business and all about finding a solution. You spoke with confidence and started working toward a solution immediately. You really cared. I could feel my worries begin to ease. It was like I had a close friend or family member working for me.”

“I want to thank you SO much for all the help you provided me in getting a medication shipped to one of our members in New Zealand. This was the absolute BEST Customer Service I have ever received in all my years of working. If it weren’t for the both you and your sense of urgency in this matter, we would have a Member away on vacation without her medication that is detrimental to her health…It turned out to be such a positive experience that I will continue to brag about Expatriate Prescription Service in years to come.”

“Lori was kind, accommodating, eager to help, available for my many, many calls and willing to make an outreach call to her vendor to get this medication shipped. WOW!! I can’t say enough good things about that! The next day I called (the day before Thanksgiving) …Jeni took the call and literally picked up right where I left off with Lori. She was just as accommodating, helpful, and friendly as Lori. Again, I can’t express my thanks enough to the both you! What a fine, fine job. This truly is what Customer Service should be. Kudos to you both for a fantastic job.”

EPS Client Comments:

“This is very uplifting; Universal Rx has been an outstanding company and family to work with. You all have the best customer service.”
— S. Davis, EPS client of 2 years

“Many of our clients could not obtain prescriptions in the area where they were located. They often resorted to either bringing in a large supply themselves, or relied on others to bring prescriptions into the country where they were stationed. This entailed the risk of the prescriptions being confiscated; further, as the drugs being brought in were purchased in the US at often much higher prices, the costs to the client and the employer organization were not contained very well.

EPS has solved this need of our clients by arranging fast delivery of affordable prescriptions to them. The pricing saves them or their medical plan money. EPS staff is most helpful and does the price comparison shopping for the clients. We are pleased to recommend EPS to our clients.”
— H. Adams, EPS broker

“…Orders from EPS were shipped in a timely manner, and all our people had to do was sign for the medication. Getting medicines shipped to our people overseas has been very successful. EPS has the greatest customer service; you talk to live people. It is a very good service that EPS can come…and explain how this service works…”
— EPS Client